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How to Use Our Modules

The short answer to "How to use our modules" is "However you like". A more relevant answer is: If looking for an adventure module, purchase a One Night Adventure of suitable level. If looking for a small area setting, purchase an Adventure Tome that suits your needs. If looking for a mini campaign, purchase a setting of appropriate level and one or more adventure tomes that go with it. And if looking for an entire campaign, buy three related Adventure Tomes (AT-1, AT-2, AT-3, for example) and the modules that go with each of them. But more detail is always better, so here is a breakdown of our design goals.

A setting is a module that represents a small piece of the game world that most campaigns need - villages, trade roads, cities, etc. These are labeled "Adventure Tomes".

An adventure is the traditional "module" - a problem to be solved or curiosity to be resolved. These are labeled "One Night Adventures", though our design goal was one to two five hour sessions.

Adventure Tomes:
Combining the two elements above, an Adventure Tome is a setting and all of the adventures that go with it. Our design is one setting with four adventures. So The Road to Raiderspoint (AT-2) can be used as a trade road in your campaign, but the same setting, when combined with its Adventures (ONA-5 through ONA-8) can be played as a mid-level campaign that takes place along the road.

If our series of modules is fun for you, then several Adventure Tomes can be played sequentially to make an Adventure Omnibus. AT-1, AT-2, AT-3, and ONA-1 through ONA-12 can be played sequentially to make an entire campaign that should bring characters from first to 12th to 15th level.

Setting information: We provide a default setting - The World of Nordalia - that these modules can be played in, introducing the relevant parts in a given Adventure Tome. But they are not tied to this world in any way, and we offer notes to help place the modules in your preferred campaign world.

Scaling: Due to the wide range of magic-light, magic-heavy, RAW, and homebrew, we aim our modules as RAW magic medium, but offer notes on scaling to help DMs meet the needs of their table.

Other Systems: We play a variety of systems ourselves, and wanted to offer modules that were easier to use with systems other than the default. At the end of each module is a list of creatures that will need to be translated. We also mostly stay with core creatures and treasures, fully statting out creatures and items that are new. Core creatures are more portable across the bulk of RPG systems, and seeing how/why we did things with new creatures offers insight when porting those creatures to a new system.

The complete Adventure Tome 1: The Village of Ensington.

The complete Adventure Tome 1: The Village of Ensington.

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We offer modules that can be used as filler for a campaign or can be strung together to make a campaign. 



We are a multi-national group that has been roleplaying for a very long time.
Of those involved in the beginning, all have worked with Mr. Gygax and most have had their work published.



We aimed for the average table, making our modules easy for new DMs to pick up, and fun for experienced DMs to modify and add to their world. Pick one up and see.


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